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The Formation, Evolution and Death of Stars


Throughout history, astronomers have gazed overhead upon the endless expanse of stars that illuminate the sky each night. Their infinite numbers, their brilliant appearance, and their mysteriousness continues to fascinate us until this very day.

Stars are constantly examined yet there are still many questions that have yet to be answered. However, what we do know inspires us to discover more about these curiosities.

Why do we really strive to learn more about these celestial bodies? Some do it for the sheer pleasure. Interest draws them to learn more about the unknown. Others study stars to try to understand why we're here, to find the answers and secrets to life, to formation, and the world of space. Finally, a few just examine stars because they are there.

In this site, I have researched stars and their formation, evolution, and death to try to understand these twinkling lights we see every night. Like others, curiosity lures me in, to try to find out what we know, and discover about the unknown. We cannot see the whole picture, but we can try to appreciate the part that we can observe.

- Jeffrey Wong, Grade 8

Calgary, Alberta

Did you know... that the ancient Greeks called stars aster (which is where we get the word astronomy). The Romans said "stella". Our word star comes from the Old German word for star, "sterno".

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